About us

Iashvili Janashia aesthetic plastic surgery center is stationary which is equipped with the latest technology. Here special attention is paid to the patient's special expressed needs, their psychological mood, according to which is set a planning for correcting problems by using individual approach. The group of doctors (academician Besik Iashvili – plastic surgeon, Paata Janashia-plastic surgeon, Lasha Iashvili - Anesthesiologist) work successfully for plastic and Reconstructive surgery for many years.

Each of them had practical training at California state’s medical center "Santa- Clara Vale" as well as in private clinics in Washington and Mantanvius, which is proved by the relevant certificates.

Our group of doctors regularly takes part in European and world congresses, which are held under the auspices of IPRAS. At Iashvili Janashia aesthetic plastic surgery center the following types of plastic surgeries are performed with computer (photographic) simulation of preliminary results:

  1. The face lift;
  2. Eyelid plasty;
  3. Changing the shape of the eye;
  4. Ear shell plasty;
  5. Breast enlargement-reduction, reconstruction, correction;
  6. Full or partial stretch of the belly;
  7. Wrinkle correction by introducing fillers;
  8. Wrinkle correction by using make–up equipment, non-operating method;
  9. Lip enlargement by introducing fillers;
  10. Reduction of nasal wings by using electrocoagulation method (without swab, blood);
  11. Only with us: the original method of rhynoplasty:
    • Practically without blood;
    • Considering facial proportions;
    • Procedure is absolutely painless during and after the operation;
    • Without any kind of swabs and tubes;
    • Plaster (a small patch on the nose) removed in 4-5 days;
    • Return to ordinary life in 7-10 days.