Paata Janashia

Paata Janashia

Head of the clinic and leading plastic surgeon

Active member of International Society of Plastic surgery ISAPS. He is one of the founders of Georgia's plastic and aesthetic surgery association "GeoPRAS".

In 1980 he graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University, from the same year he worked as the surgeon in thermal injuries and plastic surgery scientific practical center. Since 1997 he works as the head of Iashvili –Janashia aesthetic plastic surgery centre.

Conferences and training in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

California (US) 1994-1995 "Santa Clara Valley Medical Center" SABIT Program 6 month training program in plastic surgery;

Washington (US) "Washington DC SHLOMO WIDDER M.D.P.A John Nicholson's Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Center-Aesthetic and reconstructive clinic";

San Francisco (US) #12 international congresses under the auspices of "IPRAS" in 1999;

Yaroslavl (Russia) #4 international congress in plastic and aesthetic surgery "ICPRAS" 2003;

Vienna (Austria) #10 congresses under the auspices of "IPRAS" in 2005;

Georgia Armenia #3, #4 international congress on cosmetology and plastic surgery under the auspices of "Aptos" "Total Charm" 2010;

Monaco – "Alergani" educational program- Aesthetic medicine academy – face aesthetic "Emerging Markets Symposium" in 2012. Regularly takes part in international congresses and symposia.