Lasha Iashvili

Lasha Iashvili

Candidate of medical sciences, Anesthesiologist–resuscitator, One of the founders of the clinic

In 1991 he graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University the faculty of Pediatrics. From the same year he has received the license certificate in General Pediatrics.

In 1992, he completed pre-qualification in "Doctors' Training Institute" and received the degree of doctor "Resuscitation–anesthesiologist". In 2001 he received state certificate in Anesthesiology. In 2002, he received a state certificate in "critical care medicine". In 2010 he was awarded the right to an independent medical sub specialty in "Children's Anesthesiology - Critical care." In 2011 he was awarded the right to an independent medical sub specialty in "Children's Critical Care Medicine".

In 1987-1988 he worked at thermal injuries and plastic surgery scientific center as a nurse. In 1991-1992 passed internship in pediatrics at Tbilisi's 2nd child hospital. From 1992 until now he works at thermal injuries and plastic surgery scientific centre in the department of Anesthesiology and reanimation.- as main reanimation-anesthesiologist. Since 1996 he works as the head of Iashvili–Janashia aesthetic plastic surgery centre as the doctor-anesthesiologist. Since 2003 he additionally works at "Academician Otar Ghudushauri National Medical Center" as doctor anesthesiologist.

Conferences and trainings

California (US) 1994-1995 "Santa Clara Valley Medical Center" SABIT Program 6 month training program in plastic surgery;

In 1994 - The annual conference of Anesthesiologists, San Francisco;

In 2000 Australia "Salzburg Cornell Seminar" in Anesthesiology;

In 2008 Vienna-Austria–Pitzing Hospital, Internship Anesthesiology - Intensive Therapy;

In 2012, Istanbul, Turkey - "Burn damage international organization" Conference;

In 201, Paris, France - European Congress of Anesthesiologists "ESA" "Euro anesthesia 2012";

Salzburg - Austria - "AAF" (The American Austrian Foundation), "Training in anesthesiology and intensive therapy";

Regularly takes part in international congresses and symposia.