RF Lifting

RF Lifting

Our clinic presents one of the newest methods in the world- face and body RF lifting and Lipolysis. The method is known as the best way to treat the cellulites and stretching skin without the operation. The principle of RF technology is based on controlled heating of derma and subcutaneous fatty layer with high-frequency electrical field.

High-frequency electrical field has been used in medicine for more than 40 years. Particularly, in the cases of electrosurgical, electrocoagualtion and physiotherapy.

Monopolar RF system was first used in aesthetic medicine which is characterized by deep action that makes procedure unpleasant (painful) and consequently requires cooling system.

Next generation is presented by bipolar, unipolar and tetrapolar systems however they aren’t characterized to have high results, patients are said to have the traces of the electric field around the body.

The third generation system presents TRIPOLLAR. The system is introduced by POLLAGEN Company, which possesses CE MEDUCAL and FDA certificates. The advantage of the system lies in the RF power density with a depth of 20mm, the action space is reduced and progresses only between the electrodes. Due to the mentioned factors the procedure is painless, is characterized by the action accuracy, high result in both lifting and lipolysis.

Skin rejuvenation is conditioned by the recovery of collagen carcass which in turn improves the firmness of the skin, reduces the density and depth of wrinkles. Reduction of subcutaneous fat layer is based on activating Lipolysis via thermal effect. Stimulation on replacement of hypertrophic fatty cell with new generation adiposities.

Facial procedures:

Duration 15-25 min.

Number of procedures 6-8 in a week.

Body procedures:

Duration 20-35 min.

Number of procedures 6-10 procedure once a week.