Mesolift, Hydrolift

Mesolift, Hydrolift

With aging skin loses elasticity, skin density and tonus, speed of biochemical reaction and the content of Biochemical components is reduced , blood microcirculation becomes worse.

In addition, with the aging derma and epidermis atrophy progresses and thickening of epidermis cornea takes place.

The principle of Mesotherapy – "a little, rarely and in the right place introduced" intradermical injections, allows to regenerate and restore the skin structure and the drugs used for Mesolifting are the means for stretching skin and recovering its biological activeness.

The number of procedures is individual.

The full course includes:

  • One visit once in two weeks for a month.
  • One procedure in a month during 4-5 months.
The duration of procedure is 6 months, after that the maximal effect can be achieved.

Hydrolift is a new opportunity for cosmetic programs, particularly, for creating long-term hydroreserve. The drug is used for deep skin hydration for recovering skin density, biological balance and elasticity.

The procedure is recommended even at a young age, when premature aging is observed and in the case of problematic and oily skin. At this time stabilized hyaluronic acid is used for both: facial skin, neck, hands, and décolleté areas.