Mesozoic threads - Thread lifting

Mesozoic threads - Thread lifting

Mesozoic thread or thread lifting means lifting via threads, which means the stretching of body and facial tissues through a variable density of threads. When the Mesozoic thread’s therapy is performed endogenous resources of collagen synthesis are stimulated. During this time it is formed the basis for fixation of collagen, which is synthesized from fibro collagens. During this process the tissue of skin becomes dense and the final result is the recovery of improvement of skin structure and the skin-stretching effect is achieved , i. e. a sharp reduction in ptosius and that is mostly important the long-term effect is maintained (for two years).

Threads used – are identical to surgical filaments, and the composition is different. In our clinic it is used the threads of polidioxanon which are characterized by high biocompatibility. They are Pyrogen-free and biologically compatible (a maximum of 240 days)

The primary effect will be observed after 2 weeks of treatment , the valid efficacy is growing and will be stable for 6 months. It should be noted that this procedure in combination with the other cosmetic procedures are not restricted, and only two weeks after their administration can be done . Preferable period for the lifting is one that enhances the effect of stretching of the skin. The procedure is comfortable and painless and does not require the rehabilitation.