Wrinkle correction

Wrinkle correction

Wrinkle correction, which gives quick and stabile results without the need of rehabilitation, is one of the most popular methods in cosmetology. In the drug group which is applied during this procedure, hyaluronic acid is the most commonly used. It is characterized by a high degree of security. If compared, preference is given to biosynthetic hyaluronic acid. Protein content of the drug is important as reactivity and immunogenicity depend on that.

Hyaluronic acid has a short term effect, 9-18 month. The advantages of acid –based injectables compared with long-fillers is that it fully blends in at a mentioned time while in the case of permanent and long-term fillers some time later after injection sometimes lip suffers from migration and causes secondary deformation. Consequently, surgical intervention becomes necessary, which often doesn’t lead to the positive result. In addition, permanent fillers with the process of aging lose their aesthetic value.

Currently the latest generation of fillers is represented. Which wile injecting hyaluronic acid gel equally applies in the derma, at the same time it maintains the quality of the volume, therefore the long –term natural effect is achieved.

The mentioned method is used in order to correct the wrinkles, the shape of lips and the face.