DMK treatment methods

DMK treatment methods

We present worldwide spread method of skin treatment – enzyme therapy by using DMK method. The method was created by the famous American scientist, physician and biochemist DANNE MONTAQUE–KING.

Dane’s method is widely used for dealing with the skin problems by the leading clinics of various countries worldwide for 40 years. The importance of enzymes for the body, their biochemical features and role in the functioning of cells is commonly acknowledged. Enzyme therapy is used traumatic peeling, which is known as "liquid laser". Also by using the method it becomes possible to treat the diseases like: Acne and post acne, pigmentation, couperose, rosaceous, local fat, cellulite, sagged skin and so on.

It should be noted that the result of this method is stabile. Improvement of the skin structure becomes noticeable on each procedure and the long -term result is maintained. It is noteworthy to say that DANNE drugs are certified "COSMECEUTICAL", which means the unity of cosmetics and pharmacy.

Our clinic prefers DANNE method for preoperative and post operative treatment and rehabilitation of patients.