Hydra facial procedure is a newest conception in skin care and in 2011-2012 it has been the most popular method in America. Now, our clinic gives you the opportunity to use the chance and fulfill your desires with regard to your appearance.

Hydra facial is an intensive hydration of deep cleansing, rejuvenation (anti aging) and the recovery system in one procedure.

The technology has received the worldwide recognition. Hydra facial method was given a prize: Year’s best procedure in United States in 2011. It combines three inter related technologies: particularly, mechanical exfoliation, multifunctional why and vacuum combination.

The main advantage of new technology is that during the exfoliation special sterilized disposable heads are used, which cleans the surface of the skin and by means of these heads unique serums , antioxidants ,hydratants ,cleansing and anti inflammatory substances are injected in skin .

Vacuum and used substances allow deep cleansing of pores (comedones extraction), the surface skin (Hyperkeratosis) and hyper pigmentation can also be removed. During the HF procedure lymphoid drainage and lifting effect is in progress. By means of HF method complex effect on each layer of skin is fulfilled. The duration of the procedure is 30 minutes. It is painless, comfortable, does not require rehabilitation, and is used for all types of skin.

HF method can be done in combination with other methods. After each procedure the quality and the high result of the method can be seen clearly. It should be noted that the procedure is used for post- operative skin preparations just as for pre operatively, aiming at quick recovery. The number of procedures is determined individually: 5-10 procedure once in 7-10 days.