LPG System

LPG System

LPG LIPO m6 presents the latest generation endermological procedures by using lipomassage machines. For the treatment of cellulite, local fatty deposits and body contour modeling.

Endermological lipomassage (LPG) scientifically proven solution for physiologic reduction of fat deposits and of the ideal body contours restoration.

French scientist La Fontaine created exclusive protocols that proved that endermological motions significantly stimulate adipocytes, effect on beta-receptors, activate lipolysis therefore the result is achieved in a significantly shorter time.

The procedures of Endermological lipomassage (LPG) are:

  1. Reducing the amount of local fat deformation
  2. Removal of the skin surface irregularities caused by cellulite;
  3. Lifting in the different areas of the body
  4. Restoration of body contours, body modeling;
  5. Removal of the soft tissues asymmetries;
  6. Restoration of the skin elasticity.